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Sugar Black Rose: 51 cups and a cannabis experience that will make history

Sin categoría May 22, 2024

Are you ready to discover the cannabis legend that has conquered the world? The Sugar Black Rose by Delicious Seeds, with 51 trophies in its showcase, invites you to an unparalleled sensory and therapeutic journey. Flavor that delights, effects that heal Get ready for a feast of flavors with Sugar Black Rose. Its sweet and fruity notes, with hints of…

2X1 at Samsara seeds

Sin categoría May 14, 2024

Take advantage of this offer and get your favorite seeds with 2×1 offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock your store with the best cannabis strains and offer your customers an even wider selection. Order now and take advantage of this exclusive offer! If you have any questions you can contact your usual commercial. *Offer valid only during May

May promo: 2×1 on our top strains!

Sin categoría May 08, 2024

Go on a flavor adventure with our 2 for 1 offer on these exceptional strains from Delicious Seeds: Delicious Cookies Auto Sugar Black Rose Multiply by two the legendary NL X Big Bud Auto and NL X Big Bud Fem with our extravagant 2×1 offer from World of Seeds! Northern Light X Big Bud Auto Northern Light X Big Bud…

Don’t miss out on your harvest! Insure yourself with Early Version

Sin categoría May 07, 2024

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, the ideal season for growing cannabis. But what if I told you that you could enjoy your flowers up to two weeks earlier than usual? Yes, you read that right! With Delicious Seeds’ Early Version, you can advance your harvest and make the most of the good weather. Why choose Early…