Don’t miss out on your harvest! Insure yourself with Early Version

Sin categoría May 07, 2024

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, the ideal season for growing cannabis. But what if I told you that you could enjoy your flowers up to two weeks earlier than usual?

Yes, you read that right! With Delicious Seeds’ Early Version, you can advance your harvest and make the most of the good weather.

Why choose Early Version?

  • Faster harvest: Enjoy your flowers up to two weeks earlier than with traditional varieties.
  • Higher yield: Early Version offers a yield comparable to that of classic varieties, but in less time.
  • Fewer risks: Advance your harvest and avoid the problems that can arise with bad autumn weather or four-legged pests in a beret.
  • Two harvests per season: In greenhouses, Early Version allows you to carry out two complete harvests in the same cycle, taking advantage of the two equinoxes.
  • High quality genetics: Delicious Seeds offers you a wide selection of Early Version with the best indica, sativa and mixed genetics.

Don’t think twice and secure your share of the harvest with Early Version!

Choose your favorite:

  1. Sugar Black Rose Early Version: The most acclaimed indica, now in an early version for harvests in early September.
  2. Eleven Roses Early Version: The natural successor to Sugar Black Rose, with a unique flavor and aroma and an incomparable relaxing effect.
  3. Critical Neville Haze Early Version: The most popular sativa, now in version 2.0, with higher yield and a more pronounced citrus flavor.
  4. Caramelo Early Version: A fast and productive strain with an irresistible sweet and fruity flavor.
  5. Delicious Cookies Early Version: The best-selling American strain, now with 20% more THC and a freshly baked cookie flavor that will win you over.
  6. Bay Burger Early Version: The new ultra-fast flowering strain from Delicious Seeds. Mostly indica, with a THC content that exceeds 26%.

Visit our website to discover all the Early Version varieties available and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Don’t wait any longer and get a head start on summer with Early Version!


Early Version are photodependent seeds. This means they need a change in photoperiod to start flowering.
Early Version are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
For best results, follow the specific growing instructions for each variety.

Grow successfully and enjoy your early harvests!