Take advantage of our 2×1 offer

Sin categoría Jul 03, 2024

Are you running low on seed stock right at the end of the season, do you have customers who are undecided or have suffered from the effects of climate change? 🌱☀️

Don’t worry, we are giving you a 2×1 offer on all Delicious Seeds and World of Seeds novelties. 🎁 Only during July! 💥

This offer is a good opportunity to:

  • Replenish your stock with twice as many seeds for the same price.
  • Attract new customers with an irresistible promotion that will attract the attention of growers looking to try new genetics.
  • Support your regular customers with high quality seeds at an unbeatable price.
  • Close the season successfully, increasing your sales and ending the year on a high note thanks to this exclusive offer.

👉🏼 Order now before the offer ends!

REMEMBER: we have a 2×1 offer on all Samsara Seeds